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What a cute hotel! I would feel a little strange in that bathroom with the window wide open, but it looks like the hedge keeps it private.

My condolences on the sort-of-traditional dance in grass skirts, on tile, in front of a Coca Cola machine.


What a fantastic post and a great blog. I just wrote my first blog post about 12 things you may not know about Sushi. Check it out: http://bit.ly/b21hwI


I loved this post! You were born to be a travel writer -- I actually burst out laughing when I saw the pictures of the native dance that you were forced to participate in, especially juxtaposed after the elegant dinner. Keep writing! I love your blog.


Tamara, the hotel backs onto a thickly foliaged hill, so unless someone was actually hiding in the bushes you're pretty safe.
I actually wanted to comment on the atmosphere, especially the magical glow of the vending machine, but the dancers were very earnest and I didn't want to be too mean.

Thank you Gwto. Nice list, and I didn't know #12 (you didn't slip that one in there for April Fool's Day, did you?).

Thanks a lot YSC! That's really nice of you.

Lauren Dunn

i loved the pictures! and wow did that seem like a lot of food, i didn't know a lot of the facts you pointed out about the hotel. it was very informative as well as entertaining. as always you have blessed me with a trip to a world i would not have been able to see. i cant wait for more!


love the posts and pictures - thank you for sharing! i randomly found your blog while reminiscing with friends about a visit to the islands and when i read about your jumping fish/shark experience i remembered that we saw several sharks swimming very near the shore at one beach. i looked at a map (i only remembered that it was just before the long hiking trail to a gorgeous, remote beach) and sure enough, it was the kominato beach! just wanted to let you know that you should feel lucky to be alive after that experience ;-) really looking forward to the next installments...

Masaya  Rider

I can't believe this is Japan! I've lived here all my life and I've never seen such beautiful beaches and ocean life.

Please keep up the good work blogging! It's great to find others here in the same country you're living in.


Thanks Lauren!

Amy, seriously? Big ones? Yikes! I guess I really did narrowly escape death! I so envy you for getting to that remote beach. I really wanted to go there on my free afternoon but would have had to turn around and head back as soon as I got there.

Thanks Masaya. And I didn't even get near the beautiful beaches.


Wow, what a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes from Liverpool


Nice pics. I ate soba at that same restaurant in your pic. Did you try the trout tempura?

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